Why Your Website Maintenance Is Important For Functionality & Security

Sep 18, 2018

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Just like a house or a vehicle, a website needs maintenance, otherwise, it ends up falling apart.

After some time it becomes a hazard, and allows for an area of weakness within your website. In the same way, your website is your digital storefront, and the first interaction of your customers with your business. If you really want to impress your customers and encourage them to take the desired action, then you should be prepared for a routine upkeep of your website.

Let’s see what a website maintenance is and why it is important to you;

If you are familiar with the use of computers, you know how important it is to implement security software (firewall, antivirus etc.) and get them regularly updated.
This is similar to a website because it is linked to a database and runs at even higher risks because; 


Hosting of the website may be compromised which may result in massive sending of spam or hijacking of your website, or even worse deletion of your website & its content.


administration interface can be hacked which could either delete your user account, add or even delete the content.


installation of your CMS can be infected resulting in the removal of your site by Google, which leads to no organic leads, and your website not being seen.

When you regularly perform security updates, database updates and performance updates on your website, you keep your website secure, running fast and doing what it was built to do.
Website maintenance comes after your website has been designed and launched in line with your business objectives.

Maintenance typically includes:

1.) WordPress Core Updates

WordPress core files are the PHP and related source files that contain the main functionality of a website. Core files are not meant to be modified in ANY way. Modifying core files can introduce security vulnerabilities, incompatibilities, and other issues which may affect the operation of your website. Regular updates of your WordPress core files is very important for a better experience and security to your website and the contents. With how fast the internet is growing, you want to keep this as up to date as possible, and there is always new technology coming out.

2.) Divi/Theme Updates

Do not neglect the security of your website!

With all active themes, updates are frequently released, whether it be a new feature, or some new software update. With most websites we create at Wild Spirit Development, we use Divi by Elegant Themes, and within the last few weeks they drop a new update almost every week. In general theme updates help the speed of your website loading, just like new phone or computer updates. They could be minimal or major all depending on what is released. Wouldn’t you want the newest features on your phone, why not have the newest ones on your website?!

3.) Keeping Plugins Up-To-Date

Plugins can extend their functions by adding new features to your WordPress websites. When these plugins are updated;

  • New features with better functionalities are added to your website
  • Increases the performance and speed of your website
  • Discovers and fixes any security vulnerability with your website

You might be happy with the way a particular plugin is working and you think you don’t need an update, but if you don’t get them updated, you give potential hackers the opportunity to breach your security.

4.) Fresh Indexing Of Your Website for More Driven Traffic

Fresh indexing has to do with how often search engines look at your site. The easiest way to achieve this is by updating your website. Once your website has been updated, Google will always come around to check what has changed and when new features are found, your website has high chances of being ranked higher, but not quarenteed.. In addition to this, the use of a good SEO technique also ensures you have higher indexing.

5.) Update for Latest Patches & Bug Fixes

If you are using a content management system (CMS) software, it is imperative to keep it updated with the latest security patches and other bug fixes. You don’t have to be running an e-commerce site for hackers to want to break into your website, some of the simplest websites can be a target. A common practice is websites that are lacking security, get hacked – and those who have hacked it hold a website “ransom” in exchange of your content and hardwork into a website, for money. When you do not maintain your website, you make it an open playground for people with no better intention than to cause a problem by uploading Trojan horse or malware on your website. These things all can have your domain blacklisted with google, and you lose traffic.

Website maintenance also includes services such as:

• Frequent updates of content in all its forms
• Test for Errors, Bad Links and other bugs
• Addition of new Links
• Strategic use of keywords, page descriptions, web page titles, meta tags, and other similar elements
• Analysis of site statistics and link popularity
• Code validation
• Ensuring compliance with updated web standards
• Submissions to search engines and reviews thereof
• Assessment of new technologies and their use
The best way to keep a website safe is to keep a technology watch around WordPress. It is essential to be aware of important flaws, viruses and other dangers that your website will not solve for you. The use of security modules will allow relative security, there is no such thing as perfect security as program always change.
Your website is stored on a server, it runs using programs, and computers (servers) as programs are vulnerable. That’s why website maintenance is very important.

“Prevention is better than cure”.

It’s easier to secure your site than having to remove malware. In case of problems, it will take time to recover your site, and your traffic. If you do not have the skills or the time to do your own maintenance of your website, I recommend you to go through a professional.


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