A strategically built website is a fundamental tool in your marketing strategy.

No two businesses are alike, and nor should their website be. Our team consults with each client to discuss the goals of a business (online and offline). We want to understand what is it you do, and what is it your website needs to do for you. After our consultation, we thoroughly research competitors in your industry to fully understand your competition before we even start on a design. We use these findings to help feed your business requirements, as well as to feed strategically into your customer’s needs.

What We Offer

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What does a custom website cost?

Whenever we get asked “how much does a custom website really cost”, the answer is always….” it depends.” When determining the cost for a project, it depends on what exactly do you need to be successful in the online space, and ultimately, in the end, you get what you pay for. As a rule of thumb a lower cost website will have fewer pages and features, while a more expensive website will have more pages, more features (ie. ecommerce, membership, etc), and much better web design standards.

Your business needs will ultimately determine the website design cost. Below you can see what we include within every project for our clients. Some are more tailored to certain needs, however we discuss all of this during our initial consult.

Average full projects start at $2,000, however, vary upon the project. Please contact us to request an estimate specific to your project.

1:1 Strategy Consultation

Our one-on-one 30 minute strategy session enables us to grasp EXACTLY what a business owners’ goal for their website is.
Selling a product?
Advertising a service?
Sharing information via blogs, etc

We discuss what is the BEST structure to achieve the goals a business owner is striving for.

Branding Strategy

This is for those who don’t yet have branding established for their business. This assists in getting a color scheme selected, and an overall aesthetic for the website.

Mobile Friendly Design

Part of a websites search engine optimization is a website being mobile friendly. All websites are designed first in desktop, and then optimized for mobile optimization.

Speed Optimized

If your website isn’t loading in 6 seconds or less, this causes the problem of people bouncing. We launch our websites with the goal of getting the load speed under 6 seconds.

Website Traffic Recording

Integrating Google Analytics gives the ability to see the traffic to your website, where the traffic is coming, and much more information. This is ESSENTIAL to see how your website is functioning, and how your visitors use your website.

SSL Installation

See our blog on HTTP vs HTTPS for more information on the importance of SSL certificates

Social Media Integration

Having a website online doesn’t mean it automatically will advertise your services to your customers, we integrate pixels to integrate with any ppc (pay per click) marketing. 

If you wish to discuss in more details a campaign strategy for after launching your new website – we parter with a Facebook Ad Agency that specializes in this service.

Looking for a Price


A fine balance between being aesthetically interesting but yet functional and inviting to your customers. We design your website with the whole picture in mind. We want your customers to be able to use your website easily, while at the same time encourage them to be directed where your business strategy needs them to go.


In this day and age it is an at minimum requirement that your website be mobile responsive. We develop all of our websites to be desktop friendly AND mobile responsive so that no matter what device someone is viewing your website on, it provides the same experience.


We create websites with the idea in mind if a business was to have an employee manage their website – will it be easy? We use a system that allows for easy editing, and updating if a business owner chooses to do so. If you don’t, no big deal – we offer this service too so you don’t ever have to worry about breaking something.

Looking for an Hourly Option?

If you don’t entirely need a new website, however looking for assistance to update, improve, or give your website a refresh, we do offer hourly work that we are happy to discuss with you.

Client Experience

Working With Us

Lauren is absolutely amazing! I shared with her an idea I had of the look and feel I wanted my viewers to experience when they were visiting my page. Lauren took my idea and turned it into reality and then some!

She also was very patient and effective. I share this because I’m a HR manager by day, content strategist by night, a wife and mom. She was able to get things up and running all through 1 zoom call, a google drive folder and iMessage when we needed.

Thanks Lauren!!!

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