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CMS: Self Hosted WordPress

Page Builder: Elementor


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Perfect For:

  • Tech Industry
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Bloggers

Price: $450

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This is not a “ready to launch” product, the purchase of this concept includes 1:1 time to finish the site as you need and launch. This site This includes some customization, additional pages as laid out within the product description, and the option to purchase more add ons.


Installation & Configuration

We will install and configure within a self-hosted WordPress website. In addition to the design of the website we incude our recommended core plugins to ensure your website is safe, and functional long term.

1:1 Customization

After discussing the 4 Hours will be included to assist in customizing the website as needed.

Additional Pages

2 Additional Pages will be built out using the same design & branding of this concept design.

How It Works

Our concept shoppe takes initial designs of websites that we have custom created, and allows for others to purchase that theme/style. After selecting the concept we work with you on implementing that style, customizing some images, adding your text, as well as providing 3 more pages within your website, let’s say a semi-custom site.

Each template will only be sold up to 5 times (some less), and we will mark how many times a template has been purchased so you know just how many are left for that design.


The investment will vary upon the template & the website. Some templates might be on the lower side, while others might include far more intricate details such as an e-commerce element, membership or something else. The benefit to purchase a concept design is that then you can create it exactly how you want, and we are there to help you finish out the project.

Other FAQs

What platforms will the concepts be built in.

All concepts will be built to be used within a Self Hosted WordPress website.

As for a builder, we will note which builder we used Divi or Elementor.

Can I purchase a concept and sell to my clients?

Unfortunately no, at this time we will not be allowing commercial purchasing of our concepts. (Maybe in the future)

How much do I get to customize the design?

While we are helping you implement the design into your own website, we will provide you exactly what can be edited and changed with us assisting you. We will also include details within each concept on what is included, and what will be additional.

Ready For This Concept To Be Yours?