Website Care Plans

Launching a website is just the beginning of your online brand recognition. Your website has to be as good looking and functional on all devices, so make sure it’s mobile-friendly too! It’s important for you to maintain security because that protects not only your company but also any viewers who visit it.

The best way to keep a site safe? A maintenance schedule where everything gets checked, backed up, updated from time-to-time—keeping an eye out for dangers like malware or viruses can take care of problems before they even happen.

Safe Plugin Updates

Automated Backups

Software Updates

Performance Updates

Security Optimization

Uptime Monitoring

Product Management

Blog Management

Protect Your Investment

Website Care Package

Basic Support

Minimum 3 Months
$ 147 Monthly
  • Monthly WordPress Core Updates
  • Monthly Theme Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • 2 Hours of Content Edits
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Monthly Website Evaluation
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Database Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

Pro Support

Minimum 3 Months
$ 347 Monthly
  • Weekly WordPress Core Updates
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Content Edits
  • Weekly Security Scans
  • Weekly Website Evaluation
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Database Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Link Checking
  • Priority Support

HELP! Something's Not Working!

On-Demand Support

WordPress can be overwhelming and from one little thing that happens, a huge cascade of bad things happen. That’s why we’re always there to help you when it comes down to fixing any issues on your website with WordPress before they become too much for you as well as maintaining full functionality. We evaluate what the issue might be, how we fix it for you, address other problems if needed then give realistic estimates on time frame & cost so that way all our customers are satisfied in their service

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