Do I really need a website for my business?

“I have a social media platform, do I really need a website?” This is one of the several common questions that people often ask. If the question above describes you, I will advise you read this post to the end.

In this present day and computer age, any business that does not have a website is already at a disadvantage! A website is probably the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. Not only because of the impact it can have on your business, but how it affects your marketing methods. Having said that, here are few reasons why you really need to have a website developed, and developed properly.

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 Wild Spirit Development understands that a website is a true reflection of your brand and that it gives first impression to your prospects. Therefore, we’ll build for you, a site that is user-friendly and responsive and that will feature the unique selling points of your business with easily recognizable eye-catching calls for action.

For the sake of your customers

The continuous increase in e-commerce has forced many of us to change our patterns of buying. Many people now look up online before patronizing a product or service. We all want to see the reviews on a product, or the business that provides them. A website answers the simple, most common questions a client may have. Therefore, as a business owner, your customers expect you to have a web presence.

Social media – is NOT a website

Many clients say “I have social media, I don’t need a website”, very wrong. Not everyone has social media (scary thought I know), and there are those that use social media to be…well social. People don’t want to be sold to all the time, or advertised about your new product. Social media is used as a means of advertisement, however should not be seen as a businesses website.

With social media, you are stuck within their rules and algorithm (let’s not get into this), and you are at the mercy of that platforms website. Why do you want to have your business, that you create and run, be at the mercy of another business?  You may not stand out on social media, as perhaps another business in the same niche is showing up more than your business.

I describe to most of my clients that a website is like a spiderweb. Your website itself is at the center – this is where everything happens. Each strand outward from the center is the social media platforms. Each of this brings in leads towards your website. You’re not always going to be on your social media app, showing up for your business – but your website will.

Being Present all the time

No business would want to hire employees to work 24 hours for something they can achieve through an affordable means. Having a website is similuar to having a very good sales representative that will affordably sell your business all round the clock without being tired or asking for a raise.

With a reader-friendly site, you will save yourself from all the FAQs about your services or products. If you are online or not, anyone who desires further details about your business, the product or service you offer can easily access your site to get all the vital information they needed.

Anymore people would much rather research something before reaching for the phone and calling someone. Having a site, allows consumers this ability, and making it more easily available to them assists in their research process.


A website is a helpful and low-cost form of advertising (compared to Facebook ads, and other sponsored paid advertising). It allows you to share promotional and special offers with your present and potential customers. Additionally, you have the ability to make changes in terms of seasonal discounts to promote a specific type of your products that are generally demanded by your customers. You have complete control of your website, and what is put on there. You can always change it with no limitations.

Build Credibility & Compete Better

In this present competitive marketplace, hardly can any new business achieve the desired recognition or compete with other similar businesses without a web presence. As a business owner, you cannot afford to lose the opportunity to make a good first impression. This is better achieved with a professionally built website. It also gives you the look of a big corporation.

There may be easy builders out there that have a drag and drop platform, however the design is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing a site.