Is your website connecting to your viewers in the first 90 seconds?

Does your website have a Color Personality?


You have picked your color scheme, and your done right? The blue, brown and orange are your favorite colors, why not use them for your beauty spa!

Colors seem to be not a main focus when it comes to conversions to your business. Ultimately it is the first thing that the human eye notices, and the brain registers. The scheme alone can sway peoples emotions, and attitudes towards objects, events, locations, etc. Color Personality, and color psychology can make something so simple seem very complex. In short color psychology is the effects of color on someones brain, which effects someones behavior.

In an article analyzing the “Impact of Color on Marketing” by Satyendra Singh, it is noted that ” People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62‐90% of the assessment is based on colors alone. ” That’s a HUGE portion of the study group, if not all! The information supports that color is a drastic part of a consumers first impression on your website. You don’t want to turn people away, you want to bring them in. Enhancing viewers experience to them feel the overall brand and connect emotionally to your business.

Which palette should you choose? Which generate more sales? What colors are relevant to your business? What emotions do you want your consumers to experience with your business?


Are the colors you choose are based on you, your business, and the brand and emotion you want to portray?

What emotions does your business want it's consumes to associate with?The chart to the left offers suggestions per each color. Of course there are variations of each, but the general primary color is recognizable.
For example if you owned a salon/spa with a calm, relaxed feeling. You wouldn’t choose red as a color for your business, you would be choosing more blues, and greens.
There are certain colors that help engage consumers that want to buy, or take part of a sale. These are great when using Call to Action buttons or infographics.
Red: Red is a Power color, grabs peoples attention, and holds onto it. Just make sure not to use it in excess, as well as sometimes using a more muted red makes it easier on the eyes.
Blue: To be seen as trustworthy, and calm blue is a good color associated with these emotions.
Pink: If you are appealing to a female demographic, pink is the color for you!

What color embodies your brand, and your business?


Now that you have your emotional connection down, does your business fit the general colors associated with that industry? For example blues, grey, red, blues blacks are commonly associated with more masculine businesses, or with home/business websites. Pastels are common with spa/salons/babies businesses. Browns and pastels are usually associated with bakeries, or sweet shops.

We tried breaking down this complex subject to more understanding, and make it just as simple as you would think colors would be. Your brain now is thinking more more in depth, for example purple means much more then just your favorite color.
Does your Color Scheme to your website bring emotion to your consumers?
Does it associate with the general industry your business is for?

We would love to hear, comment below. If your going to change your colors, let us know if you need assistance!


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