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Why do Websites Cost so Much? Why You Should Spend $1,000+ For A Website

A look at a website development proposal may leave you wondering why it is expensive, probably $1,000+. Have you taken some time to consider what your website needs? Remember, the higher the price you have to pay, the more you will cherish the value of your website. Besides, a cheap website isn’t good, and a good website isn’t cheap.

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Maintenance…Why Do I Have To Do It?!

Just like a house or a vehicle, a website needs maintenance, otherwise, it ends up falling apart. After some time it becomes a hazard, and allows for an area of weakness within your website. In the same way, your website is your digital storefront, and the first...

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HTTP vs. HTTPS: The Difference and Why You Should Care!

Do you own a website or plan to have one? If so, I guess you probably have heard people telling you to switch your website from the usual HTTP to HTTPs. Many people cite Google’s recent announcement that failure to switch could have a negative effect on your ranking...

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Bluehost, WordPress, Divi – What are they?!

Bluehost, Wordpress, Div...What are they - and why do I need them?!How do they matter to you?If you are still nurturing the intention or have taken preliminary steps into either owning a blog or a web page to market your brand, then you must have heard keywords like...

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WordPress vs. Wix – Which is the better choice?

The idea of having a unique website where you market your services could be very interesting especially for the newbies. But the big question that usually comes to mind is; ‘which would the best tool to build my website, Wix or WordPress?’ No one wants to commit a lot...

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Why do I really need a website?

Do I really need a website for my business? "I have a social media platform, do I really need a website?" This is one of the several common questions that people often ask. If the question above describes you, I will advise you read this post to the end. In this...

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Automation Mailing, does your business need it?

Should you send automated emails? Is it something your business would benefit from? Are you guilty of opening those automatic emails you get from a retail store that you signed up for discounts months ago? Why do you open them? For the discount, to see new products?...

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Color Personality & Your Business

Colors may seem so little when planning out, and designing your brand and your business, little did you know they have an emotional connection with readers. Does your colors appeal, and represent your business?

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