Should you send automated emails?

Is it something your business would benefit from?

Are you guilty of opening those automatic emails you get from a retail store that you signed up for discounts months ago? Why do you open them? For the discount, to see new products? It’s understandable why a retail store would need automatic emails. Keeps all the thousands of customers in their system connected with anything new.

According to THE RADICATI GROUP, INC; “there will be 4.9 billion email accounts by the end of 2017, compared to the 3.9 billion email accounts in 2013. This represents an average annual growth rate of about 6% over the next four years.” That’s a lot of people, and potential market area to advertise your business to, and it is continuing to grow.

Lets say your business is a retail store, maybe you have a hair salon and you have a small selection of products you sell, Or maybe you are company that offers emergency plumping services. Why would anyone want to get an email about plumbing anyways?! All business would benefit from automation emailing, whether it includes offers, or even just some tips and advice. What is the most common thing people do while sitting and waiting? Either browsing through Facebook, or perhaps checking an emails constantly. Setting up automation emailing is ultimately a way of pinging out your advertisement to those on your email list.

There are two routes you can go for automation email, 1. Make it Simple or 2. Make it Complex. Match your overall brand is imperative; really with everything, but this is your marketing, you want it to match. For example, you wouldn’t want a very complex automation email, that is heavy in text if you are a salon, or a spa. Again…it’s all about the Branding! The complexity will also depend on how often do you want emails sent out, daily…weekly…monthly….hourly?! Figure out what you want to represent when you send emails.

When you figure out your consistency of emails, then you need to start brainstorming. What do you want your emails to say? What content do you want in them? This will vary on each business. Doing some market research and researching what other businesses in your same industry send out in their emails, however make it your own, and your own style. When jotting down ideas come up with subject lines. You want subject lines that catch an email users attention that they will open up the email. A good tip is when your subject line is personalized, your open rates can increase by 35% or more! Here’s a website that offers some great sure-fire subject line ideas! [[WishPond]].

Every time an email is opened your business is seen, however you don’t want to become that company that then you have many people unsubscribing from your list. Make sure the content you send in your automation emails is quality, to the point, not spammy, and captures the users attention. MailChimp

A recommended service for automation emailing is MailChimp. Mailchimps offers a FREE version for up to 50 email users, but their system makes it fairly easy to generate automation emails, as well as manage your lists.