Why Do Websites Cost So much?

Why investing $1,000 or more into your website & online marketing strategy is WORTH the investment!

A look at a website development proposal may leave you wondering why it is expensive, probably $1,000+. Have you taken some time to consider what your website needs? Although a few additions can stretch your budget, the benchmark remains that you are sure to have a website that meets your needs perfectly. Yes, your neighbors’ daughter best friend may be able to make you a website – but does it actually function to how you are wanting your users to engage with your site, and ultimately create that visitor into a paying customer. There is more than just making a site look pretty that goes into website development. We give a clear analysis of every basic step involved in setting up your website which when summed up, gives nothing less than the perfect cost that will deliver just the website of choice. Our saying is like that of tattoos:

“A cheap website isn’t good, and a good website isn’t cheap!”

Let’s look at these steps thus;

User Experience Planning

Firstly, when developing a website we consider your website’s objectives and the user’s objectives and expectation, then we tailor the website in such a way that makes user’s goal and your business goals engaging and intuitive. Using programmes and techniques such as Wireframes, Effect Planning, Interactive Prototypes, Information Architecture, and Storyboards, we achieve this interface as though it’s a real time scenario. This serves as the basic roadmap to us in building a website your users will find comfortable to navigate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The price for SEO optimization can be a bit compromised based on your intended number of search terms and which will determine your website’s ranking. But no matter what your budget may be, SEO is a very important factor that determines how well your business will thrive because SEO is the gateway that connects you with potential customers whose search words are not just limited to a brand name. Remember, SEO tightens the bond of friendship between your website and search engine for quicker and easier reference to your website

Website Functionality

Your website’s functionality is the programming it has. This is the bedrock for your website’s performance and effectiveness, and it usually requires a competent personnel who may surface with higher bills to do this. Although additional functionalities may quickly raise your website budget, while considering to cut down or reduce on the number of programmes, it is wise to consider basic programmes such as featured content, pages of post and email forms that will enhance your website’s effectiveness. Such must have programs may include programs that make your website easy to update such as the content management system (CMS), but where such is lacking (maybe cut off to reduce cost), you’ll require more time to update the site and the updates will definitely not appear as uniform as they should be

Website Content Development

This is another area of importance that cost as the actual page designs. Creating content can be as costly as designing the actual pages. Writing and editing content can be very expensive especially for websites with more pages. But you can write your own content while you pay your website developer for the editing, this can go a way to cut cost. (Hope you’ll have all the time to do this all on your own).


In most cases, more pages on your website are equal to more time and more time spent to do this will definitely cost more money.  For a website with 4 pages, it is sure to cost less than a site with 14 pages. This is necessary because each page requires page layouts, offering image renderings and other finishing touches that will give your website that conducive environment your users expect. Decide What You Need For Your Website!!! Every website development company will definitely have different rates and prices for the services rendered. Though you may have an estimate that is lower than what our services promise, always consider that as experts, we recommend that you do not settle for less, to save yourself time, headaches, and to minimize your financial risks. However, whatever the case may be, our website development services remains uncompromising and quality website development remains our watchword.


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