Your Vision. Your Dream.

We care about you, not just your business.

You have the vision, now let’s work together to turn your dreams into reality.

We help passionate, enthusiastic business owners take their websites, marketing,and branding to the next level. How can we help you?


We seamlessly merge web design and content management to ease strain on you, the business owner. We know that starting and running a successful business is a stress on time and finances and we work to lesson the burden for you by keeping our prices low and our production time fast.


It is your branding that leaves an impression on your customers. We offer full branding services including logo design to give your business a cohesive and comprehensive brand. We ensure that your brand is recognizable across multiple platforms and mediums.


A business needs more than a website and a logo to thrive. We will create for you the marketing materials you need for growth including business cards, brochures, fliers and letterhead. Consistent marketing materials creates a sense of trust that leads to customer loyalty.


Not all businesses need full branding or website packages and we are prepared to cater to your needs with an ‘a la carte’ design. Let us design a logo for you or create a promotional flier. We will use your current branding strategy to create a product your customers will remember.

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      Welcome to Wild Spirit Development, a design and development business ran locally in Highlands Ranch Colorado. The sole owner and designer of WSD is Lauren, whom believes that web design shouldn't be a headache. We all are great at what we do, and letting someone else help you eleviates the headache, and helps you get a project you have pictured.

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